Katie Cassidy Rodgers Wishes Arrow A Heartfelt Goodbye Online

Black Canary Arrow

Whenever any TV series is cancelled, it’s usually the lead actor who speaks up first in order to reflect on their time spent on the relevant show. In the case of Arrow, Stephen Amell wasted little time before giving an emotional speech online and fighting back tears. And who could blame him? The DC Comics-based series did make him a household name, after all.

This time, it’s his longtime co-star, Katie Cassidy Rodgers, who’s pouring her heart out online. That’s understandable, because she, too, has been around since the very beginning of the show. Actually, she’s been a fixture at The CW as a whole since her recurring gig as Ruby during Supernatural‘s third season.

In a recent statement published to her Twitter page, Katie looked back at her eight-year run by saying the following:

“I can’t believe we are coming to an end… It’s surreal. I’m so grateful to have been given the role of a lifetime! It’s been a blast. Also, thankful to have been given the opportunity to direct! These moments will be forever cherished!!!!”

At the time of this writing, six or seven episodes out of ten have been filmed for the eighth and final season, so it’s no wonder she’s feeling nostalgic. In my view, she’s been put through the wringer more than most to have appeared on Arrow.

To succinctly sum up Laurel Lance’s history, she started out as a humble Star(ling) City District Attorney who had to battle the demon that is alcoholism along the way. And then after fighting alongside Team Arrow as Black Canary for a while, she was murdered by Damien Darhk. It wasn’t long after that when her Earth-2 doppelganger, Black Siren, was introduced. She likewise evolved over the years, casting aside her villainous ways by succeeding Earth-1’s Laurel as a hero.

Right now, not much is known about what lies ahead for Black Siren, though it’s very possible she’ll assume the mantle of Black Canary in season 8. In addition to sporting an awesome new costume, all signs point toward her traveling the multiverse with Oliver Queen in preparation for “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

Of course, all will be revealed when Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.