Kevin Costner on the strength of ‘Yellowstone’: “We don’t take our foot off the gas”

Yellowstone - Kevin Costner
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Grab your favorite pair of Wranglers and cowboy hats because it’s time to get back to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. A new featurette for season five of Paramount’s number one series sets fans up for an exciting ride when Yellowstone returns in under two weeks. 

The behind-the-scenes look at the Dutton family highlights the central idea that’s not at all new to long-time viewers; John Dutton will always do anything and everything to protect his family. 

In season five, it’s evident that the protection his family needs will require more from our patriarch and his ranch hands than we’ve ever seen before. Kevin Costner says that Yellowstone is so successful because of its strength in one crucial thing.

“I think the strength of the story is we don’t take our foot off the gas.”

That’s right; they don’t slow down and use the brakes regarding safeguarding families in Yellowstone. In fact, that level of protection drove him to become Governor of Montana in the upcoming episodes, something he admits he wasn’t sold on doing. Kelly Reilly, who plays his daughter Beth, acknowledges that the legal system has never been John’s dream realm. 

“Her father just wants to be a rancher. He said he doesn’t want to be a politician.” 

However, Wes Bentley notes that it’s too late to turn back now, even though his character, Jamie, would benefit the most if John took a step away. 

“Now John’s playing hardball — whether that’s good or bad is up for debate,” he says as we hear Costner speak about how quickly he’s going to jump at the opportunity to make decisions, not caring if they’re popular or not. 

Of course, John’s other son is impacted by his becoming governor, too, but it’s very different. Luke Grimes breathes life into Kayce Dutton, and while his relationship with John was very strained at the beginning, they’ve grown to understand one another over the course of the last four seasons.

In this season, Kayce realizes that his dad being governor is a big deal, but he says it’s always been that way. 

“In Kayce’s mind, it’s like ‘Okay, my dad’s the governor now. He’s always been a big deal; I guess that’s a big deal, too.'”

The change in John’s career most impacts Beth and Jamie, but whether Kayce sees it in the immediate future or not, it also significantly affects his future. In fact, Grimes has already said that this season will pull him in two directions more than ever before. There are two sides to his family, and they’ve never been able to live in perfect harmony. 

Yellowstone‘s fifth season kicks off with a bang as the debut happens on Nov. 13. As Costner himself says, they’re not taking their foot off the gas now. The rest of the cast and crew can attest to that; this season might just be the most exciting yet, and we can’t wait to ride in.