Kevin Feige indicates no NYC Marvel cameos in ‘Hawkeye’

Every incarnation of the Marvel Universe seems to be centered on New York City. In the MCU alone it’s Spidey’s hometown, the location of Avengers Tower, the focal point of Loki’s invasion, the home of the Sanctum Sanctorum, and all the Netflix shows are set there. Marvel’s connection with the city runs deep, with key creators including Stan Lee and Jack Kirby born there and their 1960s HQ located on Madison Avenue.

All of which makes the New York City-set Hawkeye crammed full of tantalizing crossover possibilities. The show had its debut public screening last night and Kevin Feige took questions from the press. One particularly interesting moment was when he was asked whether any local heroes might be making cameos. He responded:

“Marvel is the world outside your window. And in the Marvel comics, yeah, Spidey could swing by at any moment, the Fantastic Four could come flying down.” 

I imagine at that point those gathered held their collective breath. Is Feige really hinting that Tom Holland’s Spidey is in Hawkeye? Or even that we could get a glimpse at the MCU’s Fantastic Four? Sadly he quickly clarified that not only was he speaking hypothetically but that Hawkeye is zeroed in on the core duo:

“Even in the comics, it’s, ‘What is the story you’re telling?’ And that’s really what always has to be the primary focus. Which, in this case, is very much Clint and Kate; getting to know more about Clint, and getting to meet and know Kate, and everything in this series is focused towards that.”

Well, I suppose that’s understandable. However, there is speculation building that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will make the leap from Daredevil to Hawkeye. The actor recently caused a storm of speculation by retweeting a promo for the show and simply commenting, “This is going to be fun. I love these @Marvel series.”

A little nod to a show he likes the look or a subtle tease that he’s in it? We’ll know for certain on November 24, when the first two episodes of Hawkeye hit Disney Plus.