Kevin Smith Says Amazon’s New Show Is Truly Horrifying


Kevin Smith most definitely knows his movies and TV shows, with the filmmaker often sharing his thoughts and opinions on recently watched titles and offering up enthusiastic reviews and showering them with praise. Indeed, sometimes he hyperbolizes a bit too much, but it’s always nice to hear from him and this week he’s back with another great recommendation for us.

What’s caught Smith’s attention is Amazon Prime Video’s series Them, which also found a big fan in Stephen King quite recently. The show sees an African-American family move from North Carolina to a Los Angeles suburb full of middle class white people. And while they relocate to escape from the Jim Crow South and start a new chapter in their lives, “their neighbors take their arrival as the start of an invasion,” leading them to “engage in an escalating campaign of targeted harassment to drive them away.”

Them has been doing pretty well with both subscribers and critics ever since arriving earlier this year on the streaming site and down below, you can see what Smith had to say about it:

“Just recently I watched Them on Amazon. Oh, my god. I take my hat off. It is truly horrifying. Very hard to watch. That’s how horrifying it is. Like I know a lot of people like to talk about Midsommar and Hereditary as like, ‘Oh you gotta look away’ and stuff. But with Them, there are whole storylines that, it’s not like looking away for a moment and then looking back, everything about this is horrifying. And at the same time, so much of it Is rooted in reality. That’s what made it even [scarier].“


Smith’s thoughts are certainly accurate, as those who’ve seen the show will attest, and if you haven’t yet checked it out, his review should do the trick. Especially if you’re looking for a good scare and some quality television.

But if Them just isn’t for you, then you might want to try Smith’s other recent recommendation, with the director lavishing praise on Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead earlier this week. Indeed, it’s another great watch and whether you dive into Them or the aforementioned zombie pic, you can’t go wrong with either of Kevin Smith‘s suggestions.

Tell us, though, have you checked out Them yet? If so, did you enjoy it? Let us know in the usual place down below.