Kevin Smith Wants To Direct A TV Series Based On The Question

The Question

With various DC properties having made it to screens big and small in recent years, we’ve naturally found ourselves being acquainted with heroes and villains beyond the A-list. Truth be told, we owe most of the thanks to the television side of things, especially the ever-expanding Arrowverse over on The CW.

And while we’ve met the likes of the Elongated Man and Wild Dog in recent memory, one glaring omission in the eyes of hardcore comic book geeks has been that of the Question, the trench-coated conspiracy theorist who, believe it or not, served as the inspiration for Rorschach of Watchmen fame.

As it turns out, one guy who’d like to bring this cult favorite to the small screen is Kevin Smith. Having previously directed key episodes of Supergirl and The Flash, it’s time he makes his mark on another DC character.

Here’s what he said during a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast when asked which hero he’d like to adapt to a Netflix series:

“My DC is always The Question. I think that would make such a great series, and there must be a reason why they’re not doing it. And I know they’ve got some weird ownership issues with the character, because he came through the Charlton deal and they bought them. I don’t know if that included movie rights or something like that or TV rights, but I’ve loved that. I think The Question would be fucking great.”

If this were to be made reality, it wouldn’t be on Netflix. Well, it could be in an international sense, but it’d first have to debut on the DC Universe streaming service in the United States. Hey, if more obscure properties such as Doom Patrol and Stargirl are being given a shot, then why can’t the Question?

From there, the conversation turns to which version of the character to spotlight. To be honest, Vic Sage will likely get the nod, being familiar to more comic book readers and having been voiced by Jeffrey Combs on Justice League Unlimited. Then again, Renee Montoya has a devoted following of her own, so there’s always another option to explore.

Tell us, would you tune in for a TV series headlined by the Question? And would you like to see Kevin Smith be involved? Make your voice heard in the usual place below!