Kevin Smith Says Netflix’s Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Is Fantastic

Masters of the Universe

The He-Man reboot Masters of the Universe: Revelation still managed to plough on with production despite the global pandemic shutting down much of the entertainment industry, and the latest excitable update from showrunner Kevin Smith promises the visuals of the finished series will be something to behold.

We, the unwashed plebs, have yet to be graced with the sight of even a single frame of animation, let alone a trailer, but Smith wants us to be assured of just how good it looks even in an unfinished state. While his easygoing and childlike enthusiasm leads to his extolling the virtues of many things, some of questionable quality, he’s unlikely to give a pre-emptive stamp of approval to something he’s creatively involved in unless he truly believed in what he was saying.

The animation for the series is being provided by Powerhouse, the same studio responsible for other Netflix action series Castlevania and Seis Manos, the gorgeous anime-like visuals of both being similar to what will be seen when this show is complete.

Despite principally being known as a film director, Smith also has a considerable number of TV credits, having directed several episodes each of Supergirl, The Flash, and The Goldbergs, the pilot episode of supernatural comedy Reaper, and as well as directing, he also created, wrote and starred in the pilot of Hollyweed, a comedy series about a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary that sadly never found a home. While this is his first stint as a showrunner rather than merely helming individual episodes, his previous experience should result in knowing what he’s doing.

With production of Masters of the Universe: Revelation‘s animation evidently progressing, it hopefully won’t be too long before the first trailer drop, and we can get to see for ourselves how good it’s already fairly safe to assume it will look.