Kevin Smith Reacts To Supergirl’s Cancellation


It came as a shock last week when the news broke that Supergirl had been cancelled and the upcoming season 6 would be its last. This, of course, led to an outpouring of love for the show, the latest of whom to add to it is Kevin Smith.

When speaking on his Fatman Beyond podcast series, the subject of Supergirl being brought to an end came up, to which the filmmaker had this to say:

“Working on that show was some of the best times I’ve had in my life, professionally and personally. I’m so glad that show exists. I loved it, before I directed on it, just thought, ‘God, her relationship with her sister is so beautiful’.”

He also went on to talk about Melissa Benoist and what a joy she is to work with, mirroring many people’s perception of the actress.

“She is such a great person. Honestly, the light of the fucking world. As a number one on a show, who works literally every day and every scene because you’re the titular character, and sometimes they hoist you up on wires because you have to be on a green screen… she always had a smile on her face. She’s always wonderful and gracious.”

Smith’s association with the show comes from his having directed several episodes, beginning with season 2’s “Supergirl Lives,” where in the search for a missing teenager (played his daughter Harley Quinn Smith), Kara and Mon-El encounter Machiavellian villain Roulette running a human slave ring on an alien world. Later that season, he also directed “Distant Sun,” where an assortment of alien bounty hunters come after Kara, as well as season 3’s “Damage,” where the titular heroine investigates Lena being accused of being responsible for an outbreak of lead poisoning, and season 4’s “Bunker Hill,” featuring the initial defeat of Ben Lockwood and Manchester Black.

Smith is so expressly enthusiastic about virtually everything – comics and their related properties, in particular – that it can sometimes be difficult to gauge his level of interest, but he certainly seems genuine in his love of the show. Additionally, Benoist agreeing to a small cameo in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot would suggest his time behind the camera came to be more than just a director for hire there to do a job.

It’ll be sad to see Supergirl come to an end, no doubt, as the light of fundamental decency it tries to shine on the world is something we all badly need right now. Still, as Smith says, we should be glad it even existed in the first place, and that it lasted for as long as it did.