Kevin Spacey Tries Desperately To Hold It All Together In Teaser For House Of Cards Season 3



Netflix quietly unveiled a new teaser for House of Cards Season Three during last night’s Golden Globes ceremony, which sees Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood scrambling to keep all the proverbial plates spinning as the most powerful person on the planet.

At 45 seconds in length, the neat and concise clip offers but a glimpse of what’s in store come February 27, when the entire season will be made available on the streaming service.

Given last season’s wonderfully enticing cliffhanger, it seems that Spacey’s malevolent character won’t be in office for too long, though we’re betting that he’ll provide audiences with a presidential term to remember for better or worse. At one point, Robin Wright’s Claire whispers “we’re murderers, Francis,” only for our devious, morally corrupt protagonist to retort with “we’re survivors” in that mesmerising Southern drawl.

Incidentally, eight-time nominated Spacey added yet another gong to his collection last night when he picked up the award for Best Actor in a Drama TV Series. Seemingly dropping into character for a very brief moment, the esteemed actor turned to the audience and said “this is just the beginning of my revenge…” Very foreboding words indeed, coming from Mr. Underwood. The actor will be joined by Wright, Michael Gill, Nathan Darrow, Mahershala Ali along with newcomer Kim Dickens joining the cast.

Kevin Spacey will step into the shoes of the POTUS when House of Cards Season Three makes its bow on February 27. For now, tell us, are you anticipating the return of the Underwoods and all of the drama that follows in their wake? Let us know in the comments.

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