The CW Boss Teases Kid Flash Coming To Legends Of Tomorrow


Fans were upset when Wally West AKA Kid Flash upped and left Central City in the first few episodes of The Flash season 4. Though it would be fair to say that the show had been routinely underusing him for a while, Wally is a major character in the Scarlet Speedster’s mythos and didn’t deserve to be dropped out of the Arrowverse so casually.

With him exiting S.T.A.R. Labs, though, it was hoped that Kid Flash might crossover to Legends of Tomorrow instead and join the time-travelling crew of the Waverider. After all, that show is all about the misfit heroes of the Arrowverse that are looking to make their name but haven’t found the right way to do it yet.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen in the first half of the current season. But now we have some good news that heavily hints that fans’ prayers could be answered once the DC TV shows return to our screens next week. And that’s because The CW president Mark Pedowitz was talking to Black Girl Needs when he teased that we just might see Keiynan Lonsdale turn up on Legends very soon.

You might see Wally West show up on Legends,” Pedowitz commented. When pushed to clarify whether he could be joining the team permanently, he teased: “You’ll have to watch!”

We’ve previously been told that an already established Arrowverse character would be moving over to Legends this year, in place of Jefferson Jackson’s Firestorm (played by Franz Drameh), who recently bowed out of the show. Going by Pedowitz’s comments, it’s looking likely that Wally West is that character. He was always the most obvious candidate, anyways, though it could also have been Danielle Panabaker’s Killer Frost.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, January 16th, while Legends of Tomorrow makes it way back to our time in a new Monday slot on February 12th.