Kid Loki’s The Oldest Loki In The Void Says Loki Actor

Kid Loki

During the Loki miniseries, many fans were captivated by the various Lokis found in The Void. And although Alligator Loki got his fair share of love, the leader of the Lokis was seemingly the youngest of them all.

Despite his young appearance, Kid Loki, played by Jack Veal, is the oldest—and possibly the most dangerous—of the Loki characters, according to Veal.

“Many people don’t know this, but Kid Loki is the oldest one in The Void. He was pruned thousands of years before and just didn’t age because of The Void being the end of time, as said by Judge Renslayer,” Veal told Comic Book Movie. It is also the sheer fact that he killed Thor. As I said, no other Loki would dare try or even do that successfully. That not only makes him the oldest, but the most intimidating as well.”

As told by Kid Loki, he was tracked down and ultimately captured by the Time Variance Authority after he killed his brother, which the TVA deemed to be outside the Sacred Timeline. After being pruned by the TVA, he eventually linked up with fellow Lokis, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, and the aforementioned Alligator Loki, which may not even be a true Loki.

Loki L1130, Tom Hiddleston’s character, seemed stunned and impressed by Kid Loki’s Nexus event, as he had always been outshined and overshadowed by Thor in the Sacred Timeline. He also seemed a little embarrassed by Classic Loki’s revelation that he was not killed by Thanos (like Hiddleston’s character was in Infinity War) and instead hid as a piece of space junk in order to escape.

The full first season of the Loki series is available now on the Disney Plus streaming service. A second season was confirmed in a classic Marvel mid-credits scene, although director Kate Herron says she will not return.