‘Kingsman’ director says ‘Loki’ convinced him to develop a spinoff show

kingsman the golden circle

Plenty of eyebrows were raised when it was revealed that Matthew Vaughn envisioned the Kingsman franchise spanning seven movies and a TV show, but by this time next year the filmmaker will be approaching the halfway point of his ambitious plan.

Prequel The King’s Man finally comes to theaters next week two years behind schedule, while Vaughn revealed a few days back that Taron Egerton’s third outing as Eggsy begins production in September 2022. On top of that, Gemma Arterton has teased that the period-set adventures could continue, and let’s not forget about the planned episodic expansion, either.

Speaking to ScreenRant, Vaughn revealed that Marvel Cinematic Universe series Loki had convinced him that developing a spinoff for television based on the Statesman organization was something worth exploring further.

And if we did a spinoff TV series, we have a whole really fun idea for Statesman. What’s given me confidence, I thought Loki was brilliantly done. I mean, really well done. I saw Loki. So I thought, “Hey, maybe we could do our version of that with the Statesmen, with the American characters and that’s the TV spinoff”. But I don’t know, I’m trying to get through this at the moment. So hopefully people will watch this and this goes well enough that we do Kingsman 3 and this and the TV thing, it has to be good. I’m scared of television because it’s such a different medium to what I’m used to. Loki, I was really impressed with Loki when I saw Loki. So I liked it a lot.”

That would give us the English-based adventures set in the modern day, an episodic outing following the American arm of the espionage network, and potentially more movies set in the past should The King’s Man prove worth continuing. That would give Kingsman the scope and scale to keep putting out new content without repeating the same tricks over and over again, which is definitely one way of building a universe that we haven’t seen all that often.