‘The King’s Man’ star teases a potential sequel


A lot of people were assuming that the future of the Kingsman franchise was dependent on whether or not next week’s prequel The King’s Man managed to find success at the box office, but that clearly isn’t the case.

Matthew Vaughn confirmed that the third outing for Taron Egerton’s Eggsy, which is going by the working title of The Blue Blood, will be kicking off production this coming September. That’s just as well, because the first reactions to The King’s Man have been mixed to say the least, and it’s tracking for a fairly weak opening weekend at the box office.

We’d previously heard that plans were in place for as many as seven additional movies and a TV series to continue building out the irreverent world of espionage, and we could even be seeing a sequel to the prequel, after The King’s Man star Gemma Arterton teased as much in an interview with Murphy’s Multiverse.

“I sure hope so. I mean, I think it’s set up that way. I’d like to think – I hope that this was the introduction to Polly. I would love to. I love playing her.”

It would certainly be ambitious for Kingsman to run two standalone sagas independently of each other, separated by 100 years or so but revolving around the same organization, so we’re very curious to see how The King’s Man fares. The period-set actioner’s critical and commercial performance will have a huge bearing on what comes next, but we’re guaranteed at least one more outing for Eggsy.