Kirk Acevedo Promoted To Series Regular For Arrow Season 7


Usually, when actors are promoted to the prestigious position of series regular, the news arrives late in the spring or sometime during the summer. But in this case, we’re getting confirmation just days before Arrow returns with its highly anticipated season premiere.

You see, late word has arrived when it comes to one Kirk Acevedo joining the principal cast, so expect to see a whole lot of Ricardo “The Dragon” Diaz between now and next May. Sure, he’s bringing the fabled Longbow Hunters along with him, but something tells me the crime lord hasn’t lost his edge.

If you’re up to speed on the series, then you no doubt remember how Acevedo played a big part in season 6, although most of that came during the back half when he was revealed as the true big bad. Don’t forget, we were led to believe that Cayden James was the chief antagonist before the twist came.

So, now that Kirk’s a series regular, one can only wonder what his character has in store for the heroes of Star City. In fact, I’m reminded of what he told me a few months back at Motor City Comic Con when he described how he wishes for Diaz to leave a mark:

“I wanna kill off some big people. I’m being dead serious. I want Top Three.”

And yes, that means not even Felicity Smoak is off limits, according to what he said next:

“Yes, that’s my goal. I don’t think that’ll happen. I want to at least get Oliver Queen’s arm. I don’t know if I can ever kill him, but I want his arm. I want damage done.”

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.

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