Kirk Acevedo Wants Ricardo Diaz To Kill One Of Arrow’s Big Three


Throughout its first six seasons, Arrow has seen its share of villains come through the door, but some have left more lasting impressions than others. To be more specific, none of us could ever forget when Deathstroke put a sword through Moira Queen’s chest, or when Damien Darhk fatally stabbed Earth-1’s Laurel Lance.

Well, as of last week’s finale, we can add one more to the list who’ve taken a series regular off the board, as Ricardo Diaz snuffed out the stalwart Quentin Lance. And since “the Dragon” managed to survive his showdown with Green Arrow and Black Siren, there’s a very good chance he’ll be out for blood next time we see him.

After reflecting on this, I asked actor Kirk Acevedo what he personally wants for Diaz to achieve in season 7 during our conversation at Motor City Comic Con, and here’s what he had to say:

“I wanna kill off some big people. I’m being dead serious. I want Top Three.”

Upon hearing that, I couldn’t help but blurt out “Felicity?,” to which he replied:

“Yes, that’s my goal. I don’t think that’ll happen. I want to at least get Oliver Queen’s arm. I don’t know if I can ever kill him, but I want his arm. I want damage done.”

So, after Acevedo laid out Diaz’s bucket list, I asked if he’d seen the Legends of Tomorrow episode, “Star City 2046.” And though he had yet to do so, I pointed out how when the Waverider crew met Oliver’s future self, he’d been missing an arm, with a robotic limb in its place. This would perfectly line up that bit of continuity, don’t you think?

Continuing on, I’d mentioned a few of the villains as I did at the top of this article, which prompted Acevedo to continue displaying the same pride in his character that we mentioned before:

“I’m competitive. I don’t give a fuck what the other villains did. I want to do better than all of the other villains. I want to be the top bad guy. But, having said that, I’m tied because I’m only as good as what I’m written.”

Now, it’s worth pointing out that the next leg in Acevedo’s journey comes as Arrow receives a new showrunner in the form of Beth Schwartz, but we’re sure she’ll do well since she’s been on board in some capacity since the first season. Regardless, it should be intriguing to see if anything discussed here will come to fruition over the course of the next year.