The Klaus/Caroline Connection On The Vampire Diaries: Will They Or Won’t They?

There have been some interesting new developments on The Vampire Diaries lately, and surprisingly they don’t revolve around the love triangle that is Damen/Elena/Stefan, although that makes for some juicy plot twisting as well. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is actively pursuing one Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola). Not only did he save her life a few weeks back, well technically he used his “freaky syer bond” with Tyler (Michael Trevino) that put her in that uncomfortable looking position, but this week he invited her to his family’s reunion ball.

This invitation didn’t come with just some pretty calligraphy. It was accompanied by a gorgeous gown full of sparkling jewels that no doubt went well with the princess tennis bracelet that he left as a “Happy Birthday” present the last time the two shared a moment, well technically that is the only moment they’ve ever really shared. That point aside, something about Caroline has obviously attracted Klaus’s attention in a very human way. So what do you do when the most hated, dangerous, and oldest vampire starts putting the moves on you? If you’re Caroline, you just be yourself.

On last night’s episode, Dangerous Liaisons, Caroline stubbornly attended the ball out of obligation to protect her more fragile friends – namely Matt (Zach Roerig) and the always on the brink of trouble, Elena (Nina Dobrev). When Klaus made his intentions known, as if the dress and diamonds weren’t enough of a blinking neon pink light, Caroline reacted as only Caroline could. She through some intense honesty his way and held strong with her feisty personality leading the way. It must be ravishingly unfamiliar to Klaus to be talked to like that, but my guess is that he more than kind of likes it. That hunch was confirmed when Caroline receives another late night token, a picture he drew of her and the horse she admired outside of the party.

Where does this leave Tyler who out-of-town on a quest to make himself good enough for her? And, how will this new development sit with Caroline’s friends who have been betrayed, bruised, and beaten by Klaus? Let’s not forget that he did kill Aunt Jenna (Sarah Canning) after he turned her into a vampire in order to become a full-fledged immortal hybrid; a ritual that also essentially killed Uncle John (David Anders) who gave his life for his biological daughter Elena, who oh yea, also died as part of the sacrifice. Klaus has destroyed life and love alike in the town of Mystic Falls. Do you think it’s too late for his humanity to save him?

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