Kristen Bell addresses possible season 2 for ‘The Woman in the House’

Image via Netflix

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window might have a long and funny title, but the eight-episode dark comedy is also an exciting mystery-thriller led by Kristen Bell, who stars as Anna Whitaker, a woman with a drinking problem, who is unsure whether or not she witnessed a murder.

In true Netflix fashion, all episodes were released on Jan. 28, and the series ended with a tease for a second season. In an exclusive interview With ScreenRant, Bell expressed interest in the possibility of a second season. 

“Not yet, but I would definitely be involved. I think there’s such an easy way to either have murders follow my character around or, like what Michael was saying, we all come back, but we’re different characters.”

The series’ showrunner Rachel Ramras expressed in a separate interview that a second season wasn’t in the show’s original plan. However, with an exciting Glenn Close cameo in the final episode, fans speculate that it could be the foundation for a season two.

Rounding out the main cast are Michael Ealy as Anna’s ex-husband Douglas, Tom Riley as her neighbor Neil and Mary Holland, Samsara Yett and Cameron Britton, with Brenda Koo, Shelley Hennig, Christina Anthony, and Benjamin Aguilar in supporting roles.

Bell’s interest in a follow-up season of The Woman in the House might prove sufficient grounds for producing one, but ultimately, the series will have to be a success for Netflix.