Arrow Reveals Why Black Canary Is Scarred In The Future

Black Canary

To say that Arrow season 7’s flash forwards have raised many questions is a massive understatements. For starters, we’re still wondering what happened to Felicity Smoak (and why she seemingly had a child without Oliver), not to mention what’s up with the newly (re)introduced Connor Hawke.

Right now, let’s talk about one particular mystery that was presented early on this past fall when a rather sizable scar across the neck of Dinah Drake was revealed in a future sequence. On the one hand, it was cool to be given an assurance of her taking up the Black Canary mantle once again, but on the other, we were left asking how she sustained such an injury. Additionally, it should be noted how she’s never made use of her Canary Cry in the Star City of 2040.

Well, this past Monday’s episode, “Star City Slayer,” saw Team Arrow hunting the eponymous serial killer that turned out to be Stanley Dover. For those keeping track, that was the same guy who thought he was Oliver’s best buddy before also escaping Slabside.

Long story short, when Dinah, Rene, Curtis and Diggle went searching for the creep stalking them, they happened to find his hideout. While there, Stanley was still on the premises and managed to slash the throat of Ms. Drake. Fortunately, Curtis cauterized the wound and got her to a hospital in time, but the damage is done.

As you could imagine, Dinah is having a hard time speaking right now, so it may be fair to assume her days of utilizing the aforementioned Canary Cry are behind her. If so, she’ll still probably do just fine relying on years of experience as a cop, not to mention her martial arts prowess.

Be sure to tune in when Arrow returns with new episodes on Monday, March 4th on The CW in order to find out how this situation plays out.