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Latest Fantasy News: A fantasy favorite fails to spawn a sequel as fans celebrate the ‘Rings’ cast for keeping secrets

'Rings of Power' discourse is still going strong.

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No fresh episode of Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is set to debut tomorrow, leaving fans of the fantasy series with a Friday hole to fill. News about the second season remains scarce, and fans aren’t expecting any fresh episodes for a few years yet. This comes after a gripping first season absolutely rife with mystery, something fans can thank the cast and crew, as well as the writers, for maintaining. 

Despite its many critics, it’s hard to deny that Rings presents an example of top-tier fantasy programming. Not all fantasy endeavors boast nearly the quality or scope of the Amazon Prime series, and fans of the genre were reminded of this when a recent conversation cropped up around Dracula Untold. The film was ambitious, sure, but it provides an excellent example of what inferior fantasy actually looks like. 

Fans search for answers regarding Rings season two

The first season of Rings of Power is still fresh in fans’ minds, but that isn’t stopping them from setting their sights on season two. Viewers who looked on the first season with favor are already pumped for what comes next, but bare updates from Amazon Prime means their questions are largely going unanswered. We still don’t know when season two will drop on the platform, but at least it’s already under production! We should have a far shorter wait for this season than the first, which was in development for a full five years before officially releasing. 

Fans want a Dracula Untold sequel, but it’s not likely

Dracula Untold

Fans of Dracula Untold, a 2014 dark fantasy horror film that remains largely under the radar, have their sights set on a sequel. The reason behind this franchise’s short-lived dominance is relatively clear, however, when you examine its performance at the box office and on review aggregation sites. The ambitious film planned for a multi-release arc, but it’s 25 percent Rotten Tomatoes score pretty much killed that dream before it could launch. Not to mention the lukewarm—at best—reception to its messy ending. Sorry Dracula Untold die-hards.

The Rings cast is a masterclass in keeping secrets

The Rings of Power
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The plot in season one of Rings of Power was shrouded in mystery, with a number of huge, overarching questions looming over the entire season. Fans got answers to many of their questions in the season one finale, but up until that point even the cast was largely in the dark. Those who knew answers to many of the story’s secrets remained tight-lipped, even in social settings, and thus allowed the show to keep those mysteries classified until the very last moment.

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