Latest Featurette For The X-Files Acknowledges Show’s Past And Looks To The Future


Come January 24, ardent fans will soon see those iconic crossbeams of light emerging from the darkness signalling that, yes, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are back on the case for another bout of The X-Files.

And that’s a longstanding passion that the cast and crew of Fox’s rejuvenated series acknowledge in today’s all-new featurette. Without their resounding support, the dormant IP may never have slinked back onto the small screen, and feverish demand for Mulder and Scully to return have paved the way for the first installments in The X-Files canon in almost 14 years.

Truth be told, there’s been no shortage of TV clips and brooding posters, though today’s snippet is one designed specifically for the fans, taking you behind-the-scenes on the set of Fox’s revival, featuring series creator Chris Carter, Duchovny, Anderson and many more.

What’s interesting is that those involved have teased that The X-Files of 2016 will acknowledge the passage of time since the original series – which ran for nine seasons following a premiere in 1993 – tackling a series of paranormal investigations that are rooted in modern times. But will it be enough to prove that Carter’s beloved show wasn’t simply a product of its time? We’ll find out very soon indeed.

Strap in, folks: Fox is welcoming back The X-Files with a special two-night event beginning Sunday, January 24 at 10:00 PM ET. That’s shortly after the planned NFC Championship Game for the night, and the second part of the pilot will arrive the following night, Monday, January 25 at 8:00 PM ET. To prep you for the show’s triumphant return, check out our own rundown of the best episodes in the series’ history.