Latest Marvel News: Kim Kardashian eyes up the MCU as ‘Secret Invasion’ secrets start to spill

Nick Fury sitting on a couch holding a gun in a scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home
Image via Marvel Studios

It’s that time again, True Believers — time for a roundup of the biggest Marvel news of the day. As we eagerly await the explosion of announcements that’s sure to come from this weekend thanks to Disney’s D23 Expo ⏤ and its accompanying Disney Plus Day on Thursday ⏤ things have been fairly quiet on the House of Ideas front so far this week. And yet there are nevertheless a few updates that have got fans excited ⏤ or, in one case, made them break out in a cold sweat…

Be prepared — Kim Kardashian’s gunning for a Marvel role

Kim Kardashian attends the 2020 Winter TCA Tour
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Hot on the heels of Megan Thee Stallion twerking her way into the franchise in last week’s She-Hulk, Kim Kardashian has now made it known that she also wouldn’t say no to becoming a part of the MCU. When asked about following up her Oscar-worthy turn in the Paw Patrol movie with more acting gigs in a new interview, the reality star/influencer admitted that she thought a Marvel role “would be so fun to do.” Here’s a pitch you can have for free, Kevin Feige: cast her as a Kang variant in Secret Wars. Kim Kang-Dashian.

Nick Fury’s furry face revealed via new Secret Invasion merch

nick fury
Image via Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion is sadly still a ways off, as it’ll be one of the first projects of Marvel’s Phase Five come spring 2023, so we’ll take anything we can get about the Samuel L. Jackson Disney Plus vehicle right now. For instance, a fresh Funko POP! figure has given us our first official glimpse at Nick Fury’s disheveled new appearance on the show, complete with hobo beard and missing eyepatch. Presumably, he’ll look a lot more rough-and-tumble on screen than his faintly adorable vinyl counterpart.

Shazam! spills the tea venom on the Marvel movie he almost made

Zachary Levi in 'Shazam!'
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

David F. Sandberg, director of 2019’s surprisingly delightful DC movie Shazam! and its upcoming sequel Fury of the Gods, has revealed that he was originally on course to helm Sony’s MCU-adjacent Venom flick before the opportunity to boss around Zachary Levi in red spandex proved too appealing to pass up. Considering the dumb yet oddly compelling shambles that Venom turned out to be, Sandberg probably made the right choice to stick with DC in this case.

The Guardians are back in Thor: Love and Thunder deleted scene

Ahead of its arrival on Disney Plus this Sept. 8, a brand new deleted scene from Thor: Love and Thunder has dropped, offering something that many Marvel fans wanted after first catching the movie: more of the Guardians of the Galaxy! The additional sequence — as first revealed by AV Club — comprises an extended cut of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) convincing Chris Hemsworth’s newly zen God of Thunder to help them save the day.

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