Latest Promo For The Walking Dead Season 7 Features “A Look Ahead”


There was a lot of great TV to enjoy over the summer, but none of that really helped make the long wait for The Walking Dead‘s return any less agonizing. Season 6 ended on a massive cliffhanger, and while it will be great to learn the identity of Negan’s victim in the opening few minutes, what comes after that is in many ways even more intriguing.

While the show’s sixth season teased the Saviors and other communities outside of Alexandria and The Hilltop, season 7 is going to really explore the world Negan has created for himself along with introducing us to King Ezekiel’s Kingdom (somewhere Morgan and Carol will be calling home for a while it seems).

That’s something which the promo above really delves into, as it offers a look ahead at what’s to come once The Walking Dead returns to AMC. Fans of the comic books already know that the fallout of Negan’s actions have major ramifications for every single character – particularly Rick Grimes – and it looks like the groundwork for that will be laid as soon as the premiere.

AMC recently released a clip (seen below) from the premiere episode as well (which we now know the title of), and it dropped some pretty major clues about the identity of the person Negan decides to batter with Lucille. It didn’t give us a definitive answer, of course, but with the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead right around the corner, we don’t have long to wait until we finally find out.