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Latest ‘Rings of Power’ News: Thirsty ‘Rings’ fans pick a clear favorite and a fan poll elevates an unlikely character over their betters

Step aside, Gandalf. There's a new fave in town.

Praise for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is ramping up as the show reaches its halfway point and initially critical fans start to come around to the show’s finer points.

The rich fantasy series is dominating conversations across the web as viewers pick apart its every scene and soak up the nostalgia of one of media’s most popular franchises. A fan poll taking aim at the franchise’s many popular characters concluded with starkly surprising results, born most likely of one of Rings‘ breakout characters. Despite his popularity among a staggering number of Lord of the Rings fans, however, Elrond’s allure doesn’t quite match that of Daddy Elendil, the fan-selected heartthrob of Rings‘ debut season.

Well-hydrated Rings fans have thankfully taken time to notice a few details not centered around the show’s stunning cast and are hard at work debating the show’s pacing and character introductions. Fan theories about the identity of several of the show’s leads continue to split opinions online, and one fan’s criticism of the Rings pacing goes against most viewers’ reactions.

Thirsty fans lust after Elendil

Lloyd Owen as Elendil in 'The Rings of Power
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Elendil’s presence and sheer magnetism quickly made him a fan-favorite amongst Rings of Power viewers, and his increased presence in the show has only enhanced fans’ lust for the character. As they lay in wait for the inevitable rise of Sauron, fans are taking comfort in Elendil’s measured nature and flawless grasp of Quenya to sate their thirst. He’s already been dubbed the “hottest man in Numenor” as fans wax poetic about the surprise MVP of the series, known casually as Elendilf.

A fan takes aim at Rings pacing—but not for the reasons you think

Galadriel in The Rings of Power
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As fans of House of the Dragon and Rings of Power continue to war over which fantasy series reigns supreme, Rings has largely been denounced for its seemingly meandering plot and slow-burn storytelling. Many fans feel that House of the Dragon‘s far more action-packed story is superior, but at least one viewer disagrees. In fact, they shared their opinion that Rings could actually slow it down a bit more, taking time to revel in the small details and quiet character moments. It’s an unpopular opinion, but many Tolkien enthusiasts agree, noting that the show’s pacing is actually a bit speedy for their tastes.

A fan poll selects an unlikely character as the best LOTR has to offer

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A fan poll with nearly 100,000 responses selected an unlikely Lord of the Rings character as the all-time favorite, toppling mainstays like Aragorn and Frodo to instead boost Elrond as the fandom’s official pick. The results may have been a bit different before Robert Aramayo took on the role in Rings of Power, but his portrayal is already enough to turn heads and hearts. You don’t even want to know where characters like Gandalf and Legolas land.

Fresh fan theories emerge about a mysterious new arrival

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The arrival of the mysterious Adar in Rings‘ fourth episode is sparking widespread theories about the character’s true identity. Claims that the character is Sauron in disguise make little sense, but one fan theory proposes a different, fascinating potential for Adar’s true background. They believe the character is linked to one of Tolkien’s most impactful elves, and the idea is tantalizing for Tolkien enthusiasts. While the proposed connection would certainly be lore breaking, it also poses too intriguing a potential to be ignored, even by die-hard Tolkien truthers.

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