Latest Star Wars News: Fans have chosen a favored ruler of Mandalore and Pedro Pascal and Katee Sackhoff share their favorite moments on set

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Happy Friday, Star Wars fans! The Mandalorian cast has been making the rounds promoting the latest season and are eagerly telling their favorite moments on set. Pedro Pascal is filled with nothing but praise for the hardworking set designers and reveals one of his favorite moments of the season so far. Katee Sackoff speaks to the challenge — one she is very willing to meet — of acting without using facial expressions. Emily Swallow is more than willing to share insights for her enigmatic character, The Armorer, and her dissection might be all the evidence fans need to prove she should be the next ruler of Mandalore.

Pedro Pascal can’t get enough of the incredible set work

The Mandalorian
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Star Wars has really been pulling all the stops out with the set work with their recent offerings. The gorgeously realized Coruscant from Andor stunned viewers and more than one fan admitted on Twitter to gloriously shouting, “Now this is Star Wars” through several shots of the ecumenopolis. Pedro Pascal feels much the same, heaping praise on the set designers for season two, specifically the moment the masked hero takes his underaged ward into a gangster’s den. Pascal described the moment as “Blade Runner-esque” and said the visual experience was unparalleled. We can only imagine how incredible it must be to step onto a set so convincing.

Katee Sackhoff loves a good challenge

Bo-Katan in her helmet The Mandalorian/Disney Plus
The Mandalorian/Disney Plus

Bo-Katan has been getting plenty of screen time this season. The Princess of Mandalore has long been portrayed by Katee Sackhoff, who voiced the character for several years before appearing on-screen. The actress is well versed in conveying emotion through voice alone and has found the helmet an unintended benefit, without having to monitor her face, she can put so much more thought into her physical acting. Sackhoff won’t take all the credit, however, she made sure fans knew how much work her stunt doubles put into bring Bo-Katan to life.

The Armorer 2024

the mandalorian armorer
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Emily Swallow has given some insights for how she sees her character — the enigmatic Mandalorian, The Armorer — this week. Her breakdown paints the picture than many of us have come to admire, one of a devoted hard-ass. The Armorer is a calculating leader hat holds others accountable for their actions and keeps what few members of her clan are left together. Her dedication to the creed may seem obtuse to some viewers, but as Swallow sees it, actions have consequences, and the creed keeps people in line. The Armorer sounds like the prefect contender for the title of Mand’alore, but with the idea of another Mandalorian civil war being tossed around, some fans worry she may be one of the unlucky few chosen for politically significant deaths.