‘The Mandalorian’ actress Katee Sackhoff shares the benefits of filming with a helmet

Star Wars The Mandalorian Bo-Katan
Image via Lucasfilm Ltd

It turns out the Mandalorian costumes aren’t as difficult to wear as it may seem. While Pedro Pascal likes to joke about how the now-iconic Star Wars suit makes it hard to see, Katee Sackhoff has revealed some benefits to wearing the Mandalorian helmet.

Over on Twitter, Sackhoff revealed that wearing the Mandalorian suit helps her during certain scenes. According to the actress, she doesn’t have to worry about what her face is doing, and she can focus on conveying her emotions through her body’s actions and movements. Sackhoff also said that she watches each take through a monitor to ensure that she’s happy with the result and sees the helmet as a way to provide some sort of challenge for her acting.

Sackhoff also shared that it’s not just movements and body language that she needs to be aware of. She said that she also has to say the lines while wearing the suit and that it’s not just voice-over dubs as people might assume. While fans appreciate that it’s actually her during some of the action scenes, like the ambush that occurred in the recent episode, Sackhoff states that bringing Bo-Katan to life is a “group effort” and all the other women involved should also receive the credit.

At least there is some benefit to wearing The Mandalorian suit on set. It’s a shame Pascal couldn’t see the positives when wearing the suit — the actor claimed that the helmet is hard to see out of and that it gets worse whenever the costume team tries to make improvements.

Based on what’s currently seen in the recent episodes, it seems like Bo-Katan will more likely become a recurring character in season three of The Mandalorian. The first three episodes of the latest season are now available to stream on Disney Plus.