Latest ‘Warhammer’ News: BossLogic dreams up potential looks for Henry Cavill as fans zero in on every minor ‘Warhammer 40K’ detail

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Hype for Amazon’s adaptation of the enduringly popular Warhammer 40,000 universe continues to drench the web, as longtime fans of the miniature wargame adjust to the idea of a live-action approach to the lore. 

BossLogic is already thoroughly onboard with the Cavill casting, and recently graced the internet with a tantalizing look at what Cavill could look like in the universe. The image quickly stirred up hype, and drove conversations about the best role to suit the celebrated actor. This, along with overall excitement for the show, is also pushing fans to consider the extensive lore behind Warhammer 40K, and ponder which elements will be included in Amazon’s adaptation.

There are quite a few races in the Warhammer universe — which might Amazon include?

Sisters of Battle - Warhammer
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Warhammer 40K has been around for decades, and in that time the game has built up extensive lore. Mixed into that lore are several different races, each of which could play a vital role in any Warhammer adaptation. A look at many of the most popular races in the miniature wargame paints a thrilling picture for fans of the game — as well as fans of sci-fi in general — as they look ahead to a story that pits humanity’s remaining forces against the likes of alien empires and malevolent gods. 

BossLogic’s take on Cavill’s future in Warhammer generates massive hype

A single image can start a firestorm online, and that’s exactly what BossLogic did with a recent tweet. After sharing an image of Henry Cavill in full Warhammer regalia, the fandom absolutely imploded with excitement. The comment section for the picture was quickly flooded with theories about which characters Cavill could play, as well as requests for more interpretations of the actor as characters and races from the iconic game.

Questions about what, exactly, Warhammer involves rise as new fans enter the fold

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A huge number of people are learning about Warhammer 40K, following news of the Amazon adaptation, but many don’t know where to start. The game itself, as well as the extensive lore behind it, are still a mystery to quite a few people, but we’re working to change that. If you’ve got questions about the fan-favorite miniature wargame, or its characters, lore, and broad, satirical fascist themes, check out our handy guide.