Twitter Can’t Get Over Laura Ingraham Tripping Over Netflix’s ‘You’

laura ingraham

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave the internet a real-life Abbott & Costello bit on Monday night’s The Ingraham Angle, and viewers still can’t seem to figure out if the moment was intentional or not. (Warning: Minor spoilers for the Netflix series You, ahead.)

The moment occurred when Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo was in the process of slamming so-called “woke storylines” in many television shows currently airing today. One such apparent series, Netflix’s You, featured a plot arc involving Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn’s (Victoria Pedretti) baby Henry coming down with a case of measles after attending a birthday party with unvaccinated children in attendance. (Perhaps channeling the frustrations of many people’s attitudes towards anti-vaxxers, the father in question gets a rolling pin to the face after admitting that his kids were the ones who transmitted the disease to Henry.)

At any rate, when Arroyo mentioned to Ingraham that he took issue with “you,” specifically, it went about as well you might expect between the pair of right-wing doofuses.

After the episode aired, Arroyo took to Twitter to claim that the gaffe was “totally intentional,” but do we believe him?

For her part, Ingraham has yet to comment on the clip, which seems to take away from Arroyo’s claims that the whole thing was staged. Let’s hope the subsequent segment about Adele’s One Night Only concert special went a bit more smoothly.