Lauren Cohan Unsure If She’ll Ever Return To The Walking Dead


While The Walking Dead fans were ready for Andrew Lincoln to exit the show last year, not everyone was ready to say goodbye to Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee, who left the series during the same episode.

Of course, season 9’s big surprise so far has been the six-year time jump, which has certainly shaken up the status quo among the survivors. During this time, Tom Payne’s Jesus (who’s now also dead) found himself as the Hilltop’s leader, while Maggie’s apparently been missing for some time, as has her son Hershel.

Given that she’s just mysteriously absent and wasn’t torn apart by walkers or murdered leaves the door open for her to return one day, but according to Cohan, she’s unsure if she’ll ever be seen on The Walking Dead again. When a fan asked her on Instagram if we can expect to see Maggie back on the show at some point in the future, the actress admitted to not knowing right now, saying: “As soon as I know, you’ll know.”

We were previously told that Maggie could reappear for the odd episode in season 10, as per comments from showrunner Angela Kang, but then a rumor popped up saying that AMC actually has a spinoff in the works for her. With all that in mind, it’s a bit odd that Cohan claims she knows nothing about when she might return.

Then again, the actress could just be playing coy here for fear of spoiling the surprise. Or maybe she truly doesn’t know, as the network may not have decided just yet where exactly they want Maggie to appear again. If you ask us, we imagine Cohan’s time on the show hasn’t completely come to an end, but we’ll just have to wait and see what AMC has planned for Maggie in the world of The Walking Dead.

Source: Instagram

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