Leaked Doctor Who Season 11 Clip Shows Off Jodie Whittaker’s First Scenes As The Doctor


Doctor Who fans have had almost a year now to imagine what Jodie Whittaker’s version of the titular character will be like. It was last July when the long-awaited reveal of who the Thirteenth Time Lord would be was made and it surprised just about everyone that it was Whittaker, the first actress to take on the coveted role in the show’s 50+ years of history.

Apart from the fact that she’s a very talented individual and the right person for the job, the fact that the Doctor’s now a woman was also seen as a brave but timely move for the series, as it demonstrated that incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall was in tune with the growing desire to see more leading women in sci-fi and fantasy stories. It seems it was always his intention to cast a female as well, as Whittaker has admitted that she was up against many other actresses for the part.

And even though we won’t get our first proper look at her in the role until next month at Comic-Con, we now have the next best thing. A clip from the upcoming season has leaked online and though hardly the best quality, it gives us a healthy amount of footage featuring the new Doctor, with Whittaker walking though an eerie train carriage and encountering a few new friends along the way. Check it out below before it gets pulled!

It’s unclear who exactly leaked this, but it seems to have come from the season premiere, with Whittaker’s Doctor surprised that she’s now female and stating that half an hour ago she was a white-haired Scotsman. As such, we imagine this scene takes place shortly after the regeneration. Beyond that, there’s not too much else to take away from what we see here, but we do also get to meet two of the new companions: Ryan and Yasmin.

Doctor Who season 11 is set to make its debut on our screens this Fall, likely in October. And though details still remain scarce on what exactly we can expect, just from the short clip above it’s clear that Whittaker’s fitting into the role quite nicely and we can’t wait to see more of her later this year.

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