Leaked Photos From Marvel’s What If…? Reveal Zombie Cap And Star-Panther

chris evans captain america

A unique entry in the MCU’s Phase 4 is What If…? The first animated effort from Marvel Studios, it’s an anthology series that’ll explore a different alternate universe with every episode. And there will be 23 of them, one per each movie in the Infinity Saga. We haven’t got an official look at it yet, but a sneak peak was shown at D23 last month which has now leaked online in the form of some screenshots.

Below is a collage of notable images from the sneak peak which tease a few of the surprising twists that’ll feature in the What If…? show. As you probably know by now, one episode will explore what if Peggy Carter got the super-soldier serum instead and became Captain Britain. Another, meanwhile, will touch on the Marvel Zombies comics and see the Winter Soldier fighting a zombie Steve Rogers. And there’s yet another twist on Cap in the form of a skinny Steve piloting a very early version of the Iron Man armor.

The most out-there “What if?” on the series, though, has to be the one you can see in the top left and right hand corners of the image above. As part of the sneak peak, one clip showed the familiar scene of Star-Lord entering the cave on Morag…only to take his helmet off and reveal T’Challa underneath! We’ve no idea how Star-Panther, as we’re now calling him, makes sense, but we look forward to seeing him in animated action.

A bonus for What If…? is that it will sport an all-star cast of MCU actors. One newcomer though is Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher, who’ll serve as the narrator of the show and introduce each new reality to the viewers. It also seems likely he’ll reprise his role in future MCU movies, too.

Marvel’s What If…? will drop on Disney Plus in mid 2021. Watch this space for more.