Legends Of Tomorrow Adds Patrick J. Adams As A Mysterious DC Character


Last week we found out that the CW was planning to introduce a a “beloved superhero from the DC canon” in the final scene of the first season of their superhero team-up series, Legends Of Tomorrow, and now Entertainment Weekly has revealed the name of the actor that’ll be playing him.

According to them, Suits star Patrick J. Adams has been cast in the role, though no hints as to the identity of his character are given. The trade does add that whoever he’s playing will be a “fun character the fans will love,” and that his mysterious agenda will serve as a launching pad for season 2.

The prevailing theory among fans of the show is that this will be Booster Gold: the time-traveling showboat that was previously depicted in live-action on Smallville back in the day. Other popular guesses include Blue Beetle, and even Hal Jordan, AKA Green Lantern.

Whoever Adams turns out to be, we’ll find out when the Legends of Tomorrow season finale airs on May 19th.