Legends Of Tomorrow Is The Last DC Spinoff For Foreseeable Future, Says CW President



Having locked down the roles of Hawkman and Vandal Savage over the past few weeks, The CW’s live-action adaptation of Legends of Tomorrow is progressing relatively well. That said, with a handful of projects already in the works or on the airwaves from DC canon, The CW President Mark Pedowitz is pumping the brakes on the adaptations, confirming that the network has “no intention, at this point, to spin anything else off.”

Though fans lobbying for a Constantine switcheroo may be disappointed, it’s a logical decision for The CW lest it risk saturation. Currently, with Arrow and The Flash – two shows that have enjoyed barnstorming success – already chewing up screentime, the addition of Legends of Tomorrow in 2016 will mean that 30% of the network’s slate will be comprised of DC properties.


Moreover, while Arrow and The Flash have aligned themselves with a more traditional storytelling template by focusing on one character, Legends of Tomorrow is the true curveball for The CW at this point, as it brings together multiple DC characters who are arguably considered to be more obscure that those that warrant their own respective series.

By no means is superhero fatigue exclusive to cinema – and with 7 genre pieces poised to hit the silver screen in 2016, one could argue that it’s already beginning to seep in – and with CBS primed to debut its own Supergirl series this fall, The CW is evidently playing the long game when it comes to managing its DC adaptations on the small screen.

Legends of Tomorrow is expected to premiere in the early stages of 2016.

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