Legends Of Tomorrow Adds Martin Donovan As Zaman Druce


The CW’s Arrow/the Flash spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow, premieres tomorrow night, but we have a very last minute casting addition to report on courtesy of IGN.

They’re telling us that Martin Donovan (Ant-Man, Inherent Vice, Homeland) will join The Atom, White Canary, Firestorm and co. as Zaman Bruce, who seems to be a new creation for the show and not an established DC Comics character.

Druce is one of the Time Masters and mentor to Rip Hunter – but events will conspire to set the two men at odds. When he finds out that Hunter and the rest of the Legends have taken it upon themselves to stop Vandal Savage’s rampage across time, Druce is tasked with stopping them… by any means necessary.

Druce finds himself faced with his greatest challenge when he is tasked to find Rip and convince him to abandon his hunt for Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). If he can’t convince his former pupil and the Legends to give up their quest, he may be forced to kill the man he looked upon as a son.

Donovan will make his guest star debut in the fourth episode of Legends of Tomorrow, titled “White Knights,” with the possibility to recur.