Legends Of Tomorrow’s Brandon Routh Wants The Atom To Time Travel Solo


Ray Palmer AKA The Atom is already a frequent flyer on the Waverider time machine, but could the superhero actually manage to travel through history all on his own? Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh reckons that might be within his character’s skillset.

While chatting with ComicBook.com about the incoming addition of Wally West/Kid Flash to the series, Routh took a moment to praise his new co-star Keiynan Lonsdale, but then started wondering out loud whether Atom could ever time travel by himself, just as Kid Flash can use the Speed Force to zip into the past and the future.

Here’s how the actor put it:

“Keiynan is great, and he’s a ray of sunshine kind of guy. As far as the Speed Force is concerned — I don’t know if The Atom has ever time-traveled in comics, but I figure it must be possible if he can go subatomic.”

Routh is right about not being sure that the Atom has ever time travelled by himself in the comics, as we can’t think of an instance of that happening. It’s true that a lot can go wrong when he manages to go subatomic, however. Several comic book storylines have seen Ray trapped at a microscopic level, unable to grow to full size again. In the “Sword of the Atom” arc, he even discovered a race of tiny people, like something out of Dr. Seuss, and become their champion.

Elsewhere in the interview, Routh touched base on whether he’s shared many scenes with Lonsdale’s character as yet. He replied that they haven’t shared a great amount of screen time at present, but points out that Ray and Wally do get along as they’re both social, heroic kind of people.

Legends of Tomorrow remains on hiatus for a few more weeks yet until it returns on February 12th, taking Supergirl‘s Monday slot on The CW.