Legends Of Tomorrow Is Casting A Jack Sparrow/Russell Brand-Type For Season 5


When Legends of Tomorrow originally premiered a few years back, the concept was essentially a C-list Justice League travelling through time – but it worked. Consisting mostly of heroes and villains established on other Arrowverse shows, the series set itself apart from its brethren in short order.

But as time wore on, various members of the cast exited. This is something to be expected with any TV show, but this baby has hemorrhaged its share of heroes. If you’re keeping score, we’ve lost Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Rip Hunter and both halves of Firestorm. In their place, we got (Citizen) Steel, Zari (we can’t call her Isis) and John Constantine, with Kid Flash and Vixen providing temporary relief.

That said, it appears as though DC Comics may not be able to provide new additions to the roster who are, you know, actually from comic book lore, as they’re spread pretty thin across The CW, DC Universe and SyFy. Instead, we’ve gotten Ava Sharpe, who actually has built a fanbase of her own, the socially awkward Gary Green and the annoyingly quirky Mona.

Now, there’s no guaranteeing this next fella will be a series regular, but my gut says he will be. According to TV Line, “Season 5 will introduce a new male character that can best be described as a cross between Captain Jack Sparrow and a Russian-accented Russell Brand.”

Granted, I’ve yet to see the end result for myself, but it may be safe to assume the producers are once again going for the quirky type. I’m just crossing my fingers hoping he’s not a male Mona, as she’s pretty much an analog for those who spend their lives on Tumblr.

As of this moment, no concrete date has been given for Legends of Tomorrow‘s return, but January may be a solid bet because of the show’s inclusion in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

Source: TV Line