Legends Of Tomorrow EP Has A Jonah Hex Return And A Constantine Crossover On His Wishlist


One thing that has thus far allowed Legends of Tomorrow to excel is that of its utilization of DC characters who may not necessarily exist in the present day. Admittedly, this is something the producers need to do much more often (I spoke at length about this in my Blu-ray review of season 2), but it really boils down to which heroes and villains the folks at DC Comics will grant them access to. Well, that and actors’ availability.

A couple fine examples have been Jonah Hex and Connor Hawke, the former having met the Waverider crew when they ventured back to the Wild West on separate occasions. The latter, however, serves as the Green Arrow in the future glimpsed in “Star City 2046,” one of my personal favorite episodes.

Recently, DC Legends TV caught up with executive producer Phil Klemmer and asked if we’ll be seeing either of those guys in season 3. Unfortunately, the showrunner danced around the idea of Hawke’s comeback, but he did have something interesting to say about Hex:

“Yeah. For sure. I feel like if we make it back the Old West… I mean, we did have a crazy pitch for Jonah Hex appearing as a future bounty hunter in a Blade Runner-shaped story. We haven’t broken that story yet, but it’s certainly up there on a 3×5 card.”

Despite Hex being native to the nineteenth century, he’s no stranger to anachronistic adventures, be they in comics or animation. In fact, Klemmer was then asked if he was familiar with such a comic, with his reply containing something else rather juicy:

“Yeah. I mean, come on. It’s certainly on our wish list, as is a Constantine crossover. It’s on the wish list; we can’t promise it, but you know what – how cool would that be?”

Now, this isn’t the first we’ve heard about Constantine doing a possible guest shot. Again, it all comes down to Matt Ryan’s availability, but any mention of the Hellblazer these days seems to excite fans to no end, so let’s hope everything mentioned here manages to work out.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.