Legends Of Tomorrow EP On How They Go About Selecting Guest Characters Like Constantine


These days, we’ve become so spoiled with superhero crossovers on screens both big and small that we just expect it to be the norm. But if you’ve been a DC TV fan as long as I have, then you likely remember how it seemed like a major event whenever someone like Aquaman or Cyborg showed up on Smallville. Well, that was before the final three seasons of the Superman prequel series that saw guests such as Green Arrow become a regular fixture, thus paving the way for what we enjoy in the present.

Having said all that, Legends of Tomorrow could probably be described as that idea being taken to the logical extent, given that it’s a spinoff series heavily populated by characters previously introduced on other Arrowverse shows. Still, it regularly makes its own contributions to the ongoing mythos, with guest stars playing vital parts along the way.

Of course, there are those who take up a more permanent residence on the Waverider, but what of those who just stop by for the quick assist? Or, likewise, those who lend a helping hand to our favorites over in Star City and Central City?

When speaking at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix, executive producer Marc Guggenheim had this to say about going about it in a more organic sense, as opposed to shoehorning:

“It’s a delicate balance. There’s always a wish list of characters, a bucket list of characters, but at the same time, we always try very hard to avoid the temptation to just wedge in characters. It really comes down to ‘What’s the story we’re telling this week?’ And if there’s an opportunity to tell that story with a character from the DC universe, or just a nod, or an Easter egg, we try to take the opportunity.

“We’re always about keeping our eyes open for the opportunity, but not letting the opportunity drive the story. Not just going down a list of characters and saying ‘Well this week, we’re going to have this character!’”

Funny he should say that, because it seemed like the perfect segue into what followed. As you know, a certain demonologist is slated to make his return shortly:

“One thing we wanted to do on Legends was bring on John Constantine, as an example. But it wasn’t just a matter of ‘Well, let’s get Matt Ryan and we’ll just do it.’ You have to have the right story. Because if you don’t have the right story, it’s gonna feel flat, it’s gonna feel like you’re just paying a bill or checking a box.”

Even though the return of Matt Ryan’s John Constantine to the Arrowverse has remained on the wishlists of showrunners and viewers alike, you have to agree that now seems like the perfect time for his comeback. After all, the Legends have had to contend with villains of the mystical variety this season, and the charismatic exorcist should prove to be a valuable ally in the fight against Mallus.

Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes on Monday, February 12 on The CW.