Legends Of Tomorrow EP Speaks On Kid Flash’s Impending Arrival


In addition to John Constantine’s highly anticipated guest shot in the midseason premiere, the other major talking point regarding the back half of Legends of Tomorrow‘s third season has undoubtedly been that of Kid Flash’s arrival. Having originated over on The Flash, Wally West will become the latest hero to board the Waverider that’d used another Arrowverse series as a springboard.

Effectively filling the void left by Jefferson Jackson, Wally’s engineering knowledge will surely be much appreciated on board the ship. Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Central City could’ve used an additional speedster in recent memory, but I digress.

Anyway, Marc Guggenheim recently discussed Keiynan Lonsdale’s jump over to Legends of Tomorrow with Entertainment Weekly. Already, we knew Rip Hunter would play a role in his introduction, something that’s reaffirmed here:

“We’re basically following his trajectory from The Flash. He’s gone on a walkabout, and he kind of feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere, which makes him perfect for Legends because Legends is a whole team full of people who don’t fit in anywhere. So, Wally is basically brought to the team by Rip Hunter, of all people — so you will definitely see him back — and once he meets them, he decides this is a really good group to stay with.”

Also of note is that a few characters will need some time getting used to having the cocky young hero around, which Guggenheim elaborated on:

“I think Amaya probably struggles the most with it at first because it’s incredibly annoying to have someone on the team who can just fix every problem in the blink of an eye.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes tonight on The CW, with Wally expected to join the action in the weeks to follow.