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New Legends Of Tomorrow Photos Reveal More Historical Villains

Images from the Legends of Tomorrow episode “The Great British Fake-Off” show Constantine and Zari facing historical villains.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Now returned from its brief hiatus, Legends of Tomorrow will continue on Tuesday next week and some new images have been released for the forthcoming episode “The Great British Fake-Off.”

Like many Legends episode titles that riff on famous properties or phrases, it’s merely referencing the wildly popular genteel cooking show, and will sadly not feature Sara and co. finding themselves having to infiltrate a cake decorating competition to save George Eliot from being poisoned by Charlotte Brontë being influenced by a demonic Jane Austen, or something equally demented that we’ve come to expect for the show. Instead, it sees Constantine and Zari searching for another piece of the Loom of Fate in Edwardian England and becoming trapped in a boarding house with a number of Encores it’s safe to assume don’t wish anything good for them.

The clashing period outfits seen in the stills promise a varied group of famous historical figures, although exactly what they’re all doing together remains to be seen. There’s not much to glean from the others showing life on the Waverider, although Charlie’s spectacular new hair deserves note and Astra turning up for a visit can’t end well.

The show’s production hasn’t been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as EP Marc Guggenheim stated last month that principal production was completed prior to the world shutting down and that post-production was being finished remotely with few complications. This is in contrast to the rest of the Arrowverse shows, with Supergirl and Batwoman having been delayed indefinitely until things return to something resembling normality, and The Flash having had its season cut short, so one episode’s cliffhanger will replace the one originally planned for the end of the season.

It’s impossible to guess week to week what new insanities have been dreamed up for the Legends of Tomorrow to become embroiled in, but at least we can be assured that this particular assortment of them will be seen through to the end without further interruption.

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