Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 Set Photo Teases 60’s Set Adventure


Legends of Tomorrow season 4 looks set to take the Waverider back to the swinging sixties. Or at least, that’s according to this new photo shared by one of the stars of The CW’s time-traveling DC TV show.

Tala Ashe – who’s played Zari Tomaz since the beginning of season 3 – posted an image on her Instagram account which featured her and co-star Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer AKA The Atom) dressed in flower child outfits and making peace signs to complete the look. The actress captioned the pic, “Now back to your regularly scheduled programming,” referring to the fact that work on Legends season 4 has just begun.

Because of that, we can assume that this shot was taken during filming for the season premiere, which means we can expect the Legends to travel to the 1960s in that episode. The time period is a familiar one for the series, too, with the most recent trip to the decade coming in “No Country for Old Dads,” the 13th episode of season 3. Legends has never dived into the whole hippie scene, though, so there’s still some fun to be had by the Waverider returning to the period.

As we previously reported, the season 4 premiere of Legends will be titled  “The Virgin Gary,” which is probably a reference to Gary Green of the Time Bureau, as introduced last season. For another glimpse of filming on the episode, be sure check out Caity Lotz’s photos as well, which see the actress and her co-stars fooling around on the set of the Waverider.

Of course, Legends of Tomorrow will have some big cast shake-ups when it returns, with a few characters leaving, joining or a getting a promotion. Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash is bowing out, while Matt Ryan’s fan favorite John Constantine gets his first regular spot in an Arrowverse show. Meanwhile, Courtney Ford and Jes Macallan have been bumped up to regulars as well, after being recurring players last season.

“The Virgin Gary,” meanwhile, airs on The CW on October 22nd.