Legends Of Tomorrow Star Teases Details On Her New Character


Seeing as how it’s a time traveling show, you could say that no character is off limits for Legends of Tomorrow. Obviously, this extends to the dead, so we’ll just refer you to a guy named Captain Cold if you’re in need of a reminder.

Of course, one would assume that the Amaya Jiwe iteration of Vixen would still be on the table, but bringing her back at this point would contradict her recently concluded character arc. If you’ll recall, she returned to her native period in order to live out her life and assure that her successor and granddaughter, Mari McCabe, comes into existence.

Still, the producers aren’t ready to let actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers go, as she’ll play a new character named Charlie in season 4. In fact, she teased just how different the other gal will be in a recent discussion with Entertainment Weekly:

“Everything Amaya is, Charlie is the opposite, so they would never get along. She’s snarky, she’s cheesy, she’s a bit of rebel, she’s a massive troublemaker, and she’s just out for herself. She doesn’t care about any collective or greater good, so she really shakes up the energy on the ship, and everyone’s a bit confused by her.”

Right now, I imagine some of you are about to play the doppelganger card, but co-star Caity Lotz assures us all of how Charlie is nothing of the sort:

“It messes everybody up. It’s definitely weird, because it’s not Amaya at all. It looks like her, but it’s not like Amaya from Earth-X or something like that. Everybody has a little bit of a different reaction. She kind of sheds some light on some stuff that the team, just being in the thick of it, hasn’t realized. So she’s shedding a new light on things that makes them think a little differently. I think for Sara, it’s the same with like [her sister’s Earth-2 doppelgänger] where you’re like, ‘You’re not my sister. You’re not Amaya.’ It’s hard and it’s confusing.”

Actually, we’ve seen hints as to how different Charlie truly is by way of promo photos and such. From the sound of it, we’ll learn why she looks like Amaya very early on, but showrunner Phil Klemmer hints that there’s much more than meets the eye:

“That mystery we answer pretty quickly. The mystery of who she is beyond her appearance, though, will be something we’ll be exploring for the rest of the season.”

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.

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