Legends Of Tomorrow Star Reveals The Strangest Scene She Had To Film


While many of us may think being an actor would be the coolest job in the world – and it very well may be – it can be easy to overlook the less glamorous moments that come with the territory. Don’t forget, these folks often have to work long hours and possibly endure some not so comfortable moments during the pre-production process.

Speaking of which, Legends of Tomorrow‘s Maisie Richardson-Sellers has a story of her own to tell. Better known to DC fans as Amaya Jiwe AKA Vixen, the actress recently recalled one of her more memorable experiences on the show while sitting down with Square Mile:

“When I had to play an 80-year-old version of my character in Legends of Tomorrow, I was sent to a full head cast, which is as horrible as it sounds. I was covered in plaster from my shoulders up with just two breathing holes for two hours. They then created a whole new face and neck for me that was glued on and spray painted over the course of four hours. The end result was freakishly convincing. Trying to act through a face of rubber was an experience, and Nick Zano could barely look at me without laughing, which didn’t help. ‘Always wear sunscreen’ was the mental note that I made when I saw the end result.”

Having been in a makeup chair for at least an hour myself and thinking that felt like an eternity, I can only imagine what it’s like to be encased in plaster with straws coming out of my nose for twice that time. But hey, that’s why they pay Maisie the big bucks.

On that note, expect to see much more of this iteration of Vixen for the foreseeable future, as Amaya will indeed be returning for season 4. In a way, the character has become the face with which viewers are more familiar, even if Megalyn EK played Mari McCabe on Arrow and voiced her in an animated web series/movie. And considering that she probably won’t return anytime soon, something tells me her onscreen grandmother will get the call whenever a totem bearer is needed.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season on Monday, October 22 on The CW.