Legends Of Tomorrow Stars Joke That They’re To Blame For 2020

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive effect on the entertainment industry, and going forwards it will be some time, if ever, before things return to normal. A number of factors all coming together at precisely the wrong time allowed for the virus to run rampant, but a far more simple explanation has been put forward now. That being that it was all the fault of the Legends of Tomorrow.

During a virtual panel for Wizard World, the subject of the stranger-than-fiction year we’ve been having was brought up, where Courtney Ford (Nora) queried who was responsible, to which Tala Ashe (Zari) had an inevitable response:

“You could blame the Legends for the whole thing. That the Legends did it.”

Ford went on to ask which of them would be to blame for it, with most cast members agreeing it would have been Gary, the enthusiastic and well-meaning but comically incompetent former Time Agent, who alone has brought a hellhound aboard the Waverider that then influenced the ship’s crew to disable it, and fallen under the spell of a demon and hypnotized people with his restored nipple that was originally bitten off by a rabid unicorn. It’s that kind of show.

Of course, the Legends messing things up has gone beyond a running joke and is now part of the premise of the series, with many episodes featuring them crashing into a recognizable historical period and effortlessly making it much worse. Such a setup means that they can avoid the present day and having to address current global issues, and given the devastation the virus has caused, to address it in the flippant manner required by the show’s tone would be more than a little insensitive.

Anyway, season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow is to revolve around Sara’s abduction by aliens (yes, really!) and the team’s attempts to save her with the aid of a previous abductee, so dealing with the current state of the world will have little place beyond throwaway references. Although, the likes of a burning continent, murder hornets, a missing star, UFO videos, and a planetary health crisis is just the kind of far-fetched nonsense that could have originated with the team’s actions.