Caity Lotz Shares Heartfelt Thank You To Arrow Star Stephen Amell

Arrow season 8

This year, the Green Arrow’s quiver will finally empty as Arrow reaches its eighth and final season. Fans are emotional over the upcoming conclusion of the show as it’s the one we have to thank for kicking off the whole ever-expanding Arrowverse in the first place. Now, one of the stars who owes their long DC TV career to the series has shared a heartfelt message of thanks to the man who started it all: the Emerald Archer himself, Stephen Amell.

Legends of Tomorrow‘s Caity Lotz took to Twitter today to share a selfie of herself with Amell taken at Comic-Con last weekend. In her caption, the actress recalled the first time she met her frequent co-star and sped through her crazy Arrowverse journey from there, thanking Amell for helping her navigate it.

“From the day we met in a parking lot in Burbank for a chemistry read, to swimming around in a sinking ships, dying, coming back to life, & all the shows he’s helped usher in. Been a while ride & @StephenAmell helped me navigate it. Greatful to have been on this journey with you!”

Lotz first joined the Arrowverse for Arrow season 2 as Sara Lance (after Jacqueline MacInnes Wood played the part in the pilot). As Lots reminds us above, Sara’s arc has been pretty wild since then. She became the Canary, then got killed, then got resurrected, then was rechristened the White Canary and joined the Legends and became a time traveler.

There’s a good chance that Lotz will show up on Arrow one last time in season 8, too. Obviously, she’ll likely turn up for Arrow‘s episode of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” – as the big crossover will bring together all five series – but maybe she’ll get a cameo in its last few episodes as well. The last time she showed up was just last season, for the series’ 150th episode, after all.

Arrow season 8, running for 10 installments, begins on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.