Liam Neeson Reveals What Qui-Gon Jinn Would Say To Obi-Wan As A Force Ghost


Liam Neeson has often given wildly conflicting answers when asked about his thoughts on a potential return to the Star Wars sandbox as Qui-Gon Jinn. The action hero once said he had no interest whatsoever in heading back to a galaxy far, far away, only to change his mind and say he’d definitely consider it under the right circumstances.

One thing that’s certainly not up for debate is that he doesn’t follow the ins and outs of the franchise, despite constant rumors linking him with a potential cameo appearance in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ewan McGregor’s solo series is currently shooting, and boasts a star-studded ensemble as it is, but less than a week ago Neeson said that nobody from Disney or Lucasfilm had approached him about throwing on the Jedi robes once again.

However, in a new interview, the 69 year-old was asked what Qui-Gon would say to Obi-Wan were he to show up and lend some sage advice as a Force Ghost, and his answer is so good that fans should start a petition to have Neeson drop by the Disney Plus exclusive to deliver his exact response and absolutely nothing else.

“Keep on trucking Obi-Wan! Keep on trucking baby, and may the Force be with you always.”

The thought of Qui-Gon Jinn showing up tell his former Padawan to “keep on trucking” would be hilarious, although it would admittedly break any and all immersion in the story, but who cares? Of course, Neeson tends to be fairly honest and upfront when addressing his past, present and future projects, so the signs aren’t too encouraging about an Obi-Wan Kenobi role as things stand. Then again, nobody expected Mark Hamill of all people to swing by The Mandalorian as Luke Skywalker, so it’s not as if the speculation is going to stop.