Liv Tyler Reportedly In Talks To Return As Red Hulk

The incredible hulk betty ross liv tyler

Unless Marvel Studios are planning on going down the old school Lou Ferrigno route and painting Tatiana Maslany green, the visual effects budget for She-Hulk is going to be through the roof. Not only are CGI augments required for bringing the title heroine to life, but Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky are also confirmed for the Disney Plus exclusive, and it feels inevitable that the series is going to feature at least one epic pixelated showdown between the gamma-radiated trio.

Roth’s recent addition to the cast came as a surprise to many, of course, especially when The Incredible Hulk has been relegated to a footnote in Marvel Cinematic Universe history that never gets acknowledged. However, She-Hulk is the ideal place for Kevin Feige and his team to dip their toes back into the waters of Phase One’s forgotten movie, and insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Liv Tyler is also in talks to reprise her role as Betty Ross.

The 43 year-old actress hasn’t been particularly active over the last decade, but it feels as though everyone from the history of the MCU is crawling out of the woodwork and being linked with a return, which isn’t surprising when the studio currently has 25 projects in development. Not only is she reportedly in talks, but Richtman also says that The Lord of the Rings star is being lined up as Red Hulk.

Of course, the character’s first comic book incarnation was Thaddeus Ross, and at 70 years old, you’d imagine William Hurt wouldn’t be too keen on strapping on the motion capture leotard, but Betty first assumed the mantle in the comic books over a decade ago. In any case, She-Hulk is expected to start shooting in the next few months, so more casting news shouldn’t be too far away, whether it involves Liv Tyler or not.