Live-Action Harley Quinn TV Series Reportedly In The Works

The Suicide Squad

DC fans have been lucky to have two Harley Quinn movies come out over the past two years—2020’s Birds of Prey, and this month’s The Suicide Squad. At this point, though, the Clown Princess of Crime’s next appearance is unconfirmed. Margot Robbie has said she’s raring to don the white face paint again to play the role though, so you would think that the actress and producer is trying to get something going behind the scenes.

It’s possible that Warner Bros. isn’t fast-tracking another Harley project because her last two have surprisingly underperformed at the box office. Even though it released before the pandemic, Birds of Prey didn’t earn that much, and The Suicide Squad‘s weak opening suggested other factors besides COVID fears. The studio may be thinking that the best place for Harley going forward isn’t the big screen, but streaming.

That’s what this latest report is claiming, at least. Giant Freakin Robot has shared that WB is working on a live-action Harley Quinn TV series, presumably for HBO Max. At this stage, that’s all the outlet can confirm, as they can’t even say whether it would feature Robbie in the lead role. Rebooting the character surely wouldn’t be the way to go, though, so the plan must surely be to get the Australian star back on board. Robbie has numerous projects on the go, but her interest in playing Harley again suggests she’d be open to starring in the show.

No creatives have been linked to the series as of yet either. Still, James Gunn seems like an educated guess to be involved in some capacity. He’s already made a Peacemaker series for HBO Max, and he’s said he and Robbie have spoken about working together again. Even if he’s too busy to direct the show, he could write it, or at least produce.

WB is working on expanding its HBO Max DCEU content right now, following recent news of Batgirl and Blue Beetle movies, so a Harley Quinn series would make a lot of sense. Especially as the anti-heroine’s animated show is so popular on the platform, with a third season on the way, we wouldn’t be surprised if this scoop ends up coming to fruition.