Live-Action Transformers Show Reportedly In The Works, Set After Bumblebee

Optimus Prime Transformers

After earning over $4.8 billion at the global box office across six installments, it can’t be argued that the Transformers franchise doesn’t have a lot of fans, but it would also be fair to say that critics have never warmed to the series quite as much as audiences did. Michael Bay’s time at the helm was marked by chaotic action scenes, incomprehensible stories and woeful writing, with reviews getting progressively worse every time a new movie was released.

However, Bumblebee proved that in the hands of somebody else, a Transformers film could be something else entirely and maximize the potential of the concept. Travis Knight’s prequel was incredibly well-received, but despite earning $468 million globally, its financial performance was a lot less than what the studio were used to from the franchise, which left the fate of its planned sequel a bit uncertain.

Of course, we already know that Paramount are set to soft reboot the series in the near future, but we’ve also now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us about the aforementioned reboot months before the news broke – that the Transformers are set to headline their own big budget live-action show. Yes, that’s right, it seems the property is headed to television again.

According to our intel, the series is set to be shopped to various streaming services given the huge costs involved in bringing the world of the Autobots and Decepticons to life, and we’re told that one possible option right now is Amazon Prime. While no plot details are known as of yet, Megatron is said to figure into things in some way, with the action set to take place after Bumblebee but before the still-planned Bumblebee 2. So, it’ll be set in between the two films, from what we understand.

And while it’s still early, early days for the project, this is certainly a smart move on Paramount’s part, because given the positive reception to the aforementioned spinoff, setting a Transformers show after Bumblebee gives them the option to pick up the movie’s story in a sequel while also allowing them the chance to reboot by wiping Michael Bay’s efforts from continuity, as the plan seems to have been for a while. In any case, there’s certainly money to be made from giant alien robots that transform into cool things, so there’s no chance that the brand is simply going to sit on a shelf gathering dust.