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Loki Remains Most Popular TV Show On Disney Plus For 6 Weeks Straight

Loki remains one of the most popular shows on streaming services, even a week after its season finale.

Loki Disney Plus

Marvel Studios’ breakout TV hit Loki remains one of the most popular shows on streaming services a week after its season finale.

FlixPatrol reports that Marvel’s Loki has entered its sixth week as Disney Plus’ most popular show worldwide. Loki aired on June 9 and took the top spot on the platform the following day. With 44 days and counting, the show continues to top FlixPatrol’s charts for Disney Plus TV shows.

The news comes over a week after Loki’s season finale aired on July 14, followed by an announcement of a second season.

Loki stars Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino as the eponymous villain-turned-anti-hero. Throughout the first season, the Loki’s work with and against Agent Mobius (played by Owen Wilson) of the Time Variance Authority to break free of the orderly timeline that has condemned them to temporal exile. The show stands out among the rest of the MCU as a quieter comic-book noir defined by retro aesthetics rather than action set pieces.

FlixPatrol holds Loki at 10th on its list of the top Disney Plus TV shows of the year. Mickey Mouse Club and The Simpsons sit at the top while longer running series from earlier in the year such as WandaVision, The Bad Batch, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier surpass Loki’s popularity.

Separate from ratings, FlixPatrol ranks Loki as the most popular title on movie databases for July, succeeding even Pixar’s Luca. It was the third most popular entry on the list last month, closely following Mare of Easttown and Cruella. The movie database chart tracks popularity across IMDB, Letterboxd, Rotten Tomatoes, and other popular film and TV data repository websites.

FlixPatrol launched in April 2019. The site filters publicly available data on streaming services’ trending series and regional popularity, then synthesizes data into an in-house algorithm to rank popular services’ best-performing TVs and movies, Fast Company reports.

There is no official release date for Loki season 2.

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