Loki TV Show May’ve Been Renewed For A Second Season


Loki has only just gone into production, but there are rumblings that it might already be getting lined up for a second season.

Not much is known about the series aside from what little can be gleaned from the scant details emerging, but it’s been reported that the actors have the option of a second season written into their contracts. Even though this is fairly standard practice, it still suggests the possibility of more of the show to come at a later date.

Apart from such vagaries, there’s also the company formed for the production to consider: Limbo Productions I LLC. The existence of a separate legal entity is not in itself unusual, but the use of the Roman numeral I would suggest plans for a Limbo Productions II LLC and III etc., depending on how long the show lasts. The numbering system is typical of productions that receive follow ups and sequels, but to preemptively designate this as the first of potentially several is a good indicator that more of the trickster can be expected in the future.

Of course, the series will not focus on the Loki of the principal MCU, who is now unequivocally dead after being killed by Thanos in the opening of Avengers: Infinity War, but the one from the Battle of New York section of the Time Heist from Avengers: Endgame who absconded with the Tesseract, creating a new timeline in the process.

Given the popularity of the God of Mischief – both as the manipulative villain first introduced in Thor, and the antihero he had eventually grown into by the time of Thor: Ragnarok, after he was freed from the corrupting influence of the Mind Stone – it was pretty much a given that Marvel would find a way to keep him around. Of course, how audiences will respond to the throwback version of Loki remains to be seen, but the studio’s apparent confidence in him certainly bodes well for what we’ll receive.