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Lost In Space TV Series Recruits Parker Posey

Netflix's rebooted Lost in Space TV series has brought aboard Parker Posey in the role of Dr. Smith, according to Deadline.


Of all the many, many existing properities being repackaged, overhauled and/or rebooted and fired towards TV, Lost in Space doesn’t exactly leap off the page as must-see television. Granted, the cult 1960s sci-fi isn’t short of potential, but it’s only now that Netflix has sprung its casting spree for the 2018 redo that we’re beginning to stand up and take notice.

Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Molly Parker (House of Cards) climbed aboard early on to play John and Maureen Robinson, respectively, and now, Deadline brings word of the latest addition to the cast: Parker Posey. It marks something of a reunion between the actress and Netflix following Mascots, while her other notable credits include Columbus and Woody Allen drama Café Society.

When it comes to Lost in Space, Posey will play the part of Dr. Smith, a stowaway who manages to find her way aboard the Robinson’s ship. Smith’s arrival portends all kinds of trouble for the crew, as in Irwin Allen’s cult original Dr. Smith was the reason the spacefaring family became lost in the first place, eventually becoming the catalyst for a string of unfortunate disasters. Originally, Jonathan Harris stole the show as Dr. Smith all those years ago, and Gary Oldman portrayed the character in the film adaptation that debuted in 1998.

Netflix is quietly prepping Lost in Space for launch in 2018. It’ll take many of the story beats of CBS’ cherished original series, and we understand this new interpretation of Allen’s characters will span for ten episodes in total – unless Netflix decides to push ahead with additional seasons, that is. The source material is there, the cast is beginning to take shape, all that’s left now is for the online streamer to zero in on a premiere date.

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